Process Hazard Analysis

Masterclass Overview

This advanced masterclass will provide you the required competence to execute process hazard analysis within your organisation. You will learn the relevant technical hazards of typical unit operations, as well as the personal aspects of HAZOP leadership. This will help your organisation to establish legal compliance & create an organisational culture where hazards are well understood and risks are managed to an acceptable low level.

  • Senior Process Engineers
  • Senior Safety Technicians
  • Process Safety Managers
  • Process Safety Engineers
  • HSE Specialists
  • Reliability Engineers
  • Maintenance Managers
  • Inspection Leaders & Engineers
  • Legal Inspection Officers
  • Site Managers
  • Safety Consultants
  • Governmental Inspectors
  • Obtain the detailed HAZOP skills
  • Be able to develop good Risk acceptability criteria
  • Be able to Lead a good HAZOP
  • Be able to perform LOPA and SIL calculations
  • Assure a good PHA culture and organisation
  • Understand the critical design aspects
  • Be able to avoid the HAZOP traps
  • Become aware of the specific industrial hazards that can       lead to Loss of Containment
  • Chemical hazards from runaway reactions to BLEVE
  • Seveso Directive legal requirements on process hazard       analysis
  • Risk Definition and good Risk Acceptability Criteria
  • Methods for Process Hazard Analysis
  • QRA principles
  • ALARP best practice
  • Barrier thinking and ‘Swiss cheese’ model
  • Layers of Protection Analysis
  • Data for equipment failure rates
  • LOPA and SIL calculation
  • Applying the barrier model (Workshop)
  • Safety instrumentation: Determining Safety Integrity Level       (SIL)
  • HAZOP method, HAZOP best practices, HAZOP traps
  • HAZOP documentation and software packages
  • HAZOP work shop
  • Specific hazards from the chemical and oil & gas industry
  • HAZOP Leadership & criteria for HAZOP Leaders
  • HAZOP organisation and culture
  • Relevant design aspects of typical unit operations

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