Masters in Data Analytics Training

Dr. Vidal Fernandez

Director Big Data & AI at China Light & Power – CLP Holdings, Hong Kong.

Vidal Fernandez, PhD in Econometrics, is an experienced data scientist with more than 26 years developing advanced analytics solutions across several industries, including banking, insurance, AoT, energy, telecommunications and retail. Working with businesses experts to define high value solutions and delivering these through development of analytical strategies.

He has deployed many different analytical techniques and sophisticated models: machine learning, text analytics, support vector machines, time series analytics, deep learning. Churn prevention, risk selection, AoT for oil & gas industry, pricing dynamics strategies, fraud detection, holistic customer insights generation, or asset maintenance optimization are some of the projects commonly deployed. Dr. Fernandez is a lecturer on selected Business Schools in Spain and South America teaching professional seminars and workshops in Big Data & Advanced Analytics. He has a vast experience in understanding client needs and aligning advanced analytics team with company requirements, insight generation recommendations for business execution. Ability to manage talent people and C’s levels to reach corporate partnerships for efficient business deployment.

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