Process Hazard Analysis

Dr. Tijs Koerts

Dr. Koerts is expert in Process safety (Most experienced European PSM trainer) and has overall 26+ years Experience. His expertise covers in the line as well as management in the fields of safety and production processes within the (petro-)chemical industry. Tijs Koerts studied chemistry at the Utrecht University and obtained a PhD at the Eindhoven University of Technology. He got his process safety experience at DuPont, GE plastic and Lyondell Basell Industries, where he worked with all kinds of hazardous processes in both technical, operational and business roles. He is a passionate coach, trainer and speaker on the subject as shown e.g. at the AI ChE PSM conference in Houston.

Tijs was trained as a chemist in Utrecht (RUU) and obtained a PhD degree in Eindhoven (TUE). At DuPont he got his fundamentals in Process Safety, being a process engineer, a shift supervisor, a manager technology that led the site process safety management team. Hazardous materials included TFE (intrinsic explosive), PFIB (extremely poisonous), Methanol-Oxygen mixtures, Formaldehyde (MAC 0.5 ppm) and flammable liquids. At GE Plastics, as site safety leader, the safety of 2200 people including 400 contractors were managed by implementation of the extensive Global Star safety management system. Hazardous site materials included phosgene, chlorine, CO, H2 and Phenol. At Lyondell- Basell-Industries both operational and process safety aspects were guarded, in a plant that contained large quantities of olefins. At the Q8 KPE refinery, all aspects of process safety are being managed.

Member of:

  • AIChE: American Institute for Chemical Engineers
  • KIVI NIRA: Royal Dutch Society for Engineers
  • VNCI: Dutch Society for the Chemical Industry
  • VNPI Process Safety: Joint Dutch Petrochemical Industry on Process Safety aspects
  • EPSC European Process Centre

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