Think Differently - Manage Your Corrosion Risks!

Masterclass Overview

The Masterclass will provide deep insight in knowledge-based and integrated corrosion prediction systems, corrosion knowledge engineering and Machine Learning (ML) predictive analytics models of corrosion management and present case studies that will be shared and discussed with the attendees. The Masterclass will also share and discuss a number of examples of successful corrosion management strategies (onshore gas processing plant, CUI and stray current corrosion of duplex stainless steel pipelines).

  • Entity leaders for operations and projects
  • Pipeline integrity engineers and managers
  • Integrity data specialists
  • Projects and operations corrosion engineers and       technicians
  • Corrosion technical authorities
  • Junior and senior mechanical/corrosion integrity engineers
  • Junior and senior risk engineers
  • Asset managers and asset integrity specialists
  • Corrosion scientists and corrosion management specialists
  • Corrosion Engineers and Designers who are concerned with       corrosion related problems
  • Facility managers and users who are concerned with       corrosion under insulation and methods of its mitigation
  • Personnel involved in R&D Engineering, Corrosion       Engineering, Pipeline Integrity, Pipeline Risk Analysis,       Pipeline Maintenance, Coatings, Materials and Maintenance,       Design, Inspection and more...
  • New tools and techniques for corrosion management
  • Implementation in business processes
  • Hands-on training on knowledge-based models and       decision support tools
  • Mechanistic modelling of upstream and downstream       corrosion mechanisms
  • Novel approaches to corrosion risk assessment based on       machine learning and predictive analytics
  • The Main Factors of CUI
  • CUI Management
  • New CUI related innovations
  • RECOGNISE corrosion risks and ANALYSE them
  • UNDERSTAND principals how to establish a good corrosion       management system
  • EVALUATE and OPTIMISE intelligent software for corrosion       predictions

Meet your Prominent Facilitator

Jan Oredsson
Corrosion and Integrity Management Specialist at Corrmatec AS

Jan Oredsson is a technical and business-oriented professional with more than 40+ years of experience in and knowledge of subsea materials and corrosion protection design, corrosion damage assessments, materials selection/welding/NDE technology and cathodic protection in the subsea/offshore/onshore energy and chemical/petrochemical industry with global working experience within asset operations and integrity, major exploration project development, material manufacturing, certification, design engineering, fabrication, installation and commissioning. He has extensive working experience in subsea material and corrosion technology development from early pre-FEED/FEED stages through to detail engineering and project delivery. He grasps requirements and needs quickly and apply appropriate actions to complete tasks in a timely manner. He exhibits excellent relationship management, collaboration, presentation, and communication skills across all levels. He is results-focused with strong aptitude for identifying and resolving technical challenges. Instrumental in streamlining and improving processes, enhancing productivity, and implementing project management solutions.
He has demonstrated exceptional abilities as an internationally recognised expert in H2S-resistance of corrosion resistant alloys as publisher of papers and speaker at conferences. He is also a member of the NACE Technical Groups TG 564 – Standard Framework for Establishing Corrosion Management Systems and TG 370 – Standard Framework for Establishing Corrosion Management Systems for Pipelines.

Member of:
  • NACE: National Association of Corrosion Engineers
  • ECS: The Electrochemical Society
  • TWI: The Welding Institute
Honour & Award:
  • Compilation of Classical Papers in the Oil & Gas Industry; Performance of High Alloy Austenitic and Duplex Stainless Steels in Sour Gas and Oil Environments, Materials Performance 1981

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