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“Aurelius Corporate Solutions wants to be seen and accepted as one stop shop for all industry specific master-classes across the globe, thereby making the line managers well versed with the acceptable technology and business practices, adopted worldwide.”

Who are we?

We find ourselves as problem solvers of the industry, technology and businesses for industrial organizations of all types and domains. We cover a wide array of industrial domains including Pharmaceutical development, Automotive, Transport, Oil and Gas extraction, Telecom, Business management, Manufacturing, Defense, Supply Chain Management and so on. Our key USP lies in the level 3 and above customized nature of our services suited to client’s needs. We measure our service’s success in tangible outputs and returns.

We have been instrumental in offering an array of master classes across domains like block chain, risk management, Decommissioning processes, Food Safety & health and so on. Till date we have completed over 50+ master classes across industry domains and geographies involving a healthy set of professional help from industry veterans with a minimum of 15yrs+ experience in domain knowledge.

What do we do?

We, the pioneers in the industry, owing to our reach are able to influence the best minds to help you improve your process specifications. We have been associated with the who’s who of the industry and have played our part in improving the process excellence of our customer partners. We have helped them improve their system methodology by trying to inculcate the best industry practices by providing deep insight and practicality in processes and in turn help them improve their process systems at large.

Our speakers are among the best in the industry with hands on experience of the real time working environment